A Brief Introduction to the Table Saw

table sawIf you fancy yourself as a serious craftsman, then you need to have a table saw in your workshop. This serious piece of hardware can drastically improve the quality of your cuts, and also improve your productivity because you can now cut lumber faster, and with a higher degree of accuracy. In this article, you will get a brief introduction to the humble table saw, and you will also learn how to use this powerful tool effectively and safely.

What is it?

A table saw, also called a saw-bench, is a power tool usually used for cutting wood. This particular type of power saw consists of a circular cutting blade, connected to an electric motor via a drive mechanism, and then mounted on a steel bench or work table. The blade of a saw bench can be adjusted to either go up or down to adjust the cutting depth, or tilted to put an angle on the cut.

Rip guards are barriers that can be positioned close to or far from the saw blade, they serve as guides so that you can easily position the lumber before you start cutting. When the rip guard is secured, it will serve as a guide for the wood so that it can easily be pushed against the rotating blade to cut it.

Different Types

Bench-top Saws – These are compact saws that can easily be mounted on any stable work bench. Because of its small size, it is often the saw of choice when working in construction sites. But even though they are cost effective, they are the most ineffective among the other types; not to say that it is not useful, only when compared to the other types.

Contact Saws – These are slightly larger and heavier version of the bench top saws, the main difference is that they have their own base and stand. This is the saw of choice for most woodworking hobbyists because they can be adequately powered just by plugging it into any wall socket.

Cabinet Saws – These are the largest and most powerful among all the types of saw benches. It has a very heavy base, this is so the vibrations produced by the saw are greatly reduced; a common problem when using saws of this type.

Hybrids – These are saws that combine the size of contact saws with some of the features of cabinet saws, like the ability to collect sawdust.

Safety Tips When Using a Saw-bench

Keep in mind that the table saw is a dangerous tool, if you use it half-heartedly then there is a possibility of you getting seriously injured. If you do not read the operating manual and safety guide before you use it leads to great risks, also leaving the circular blade exposed and the power cord still plugged in even when not in use raises your risk of injury. Besides reading the instruction manual and doing all of the safety procedures, you should also use protective gear like safety goggles and work gloves.

Should You Get One?

If you are serious about woodworking or if you have a small contractor business, then your workshop could certainly use a table saw. Not only will it help in making your cuts more precise, it also allows you to cut a lot more wood in a short amount of time; preparing your work materials will be so much easier if you have this in your workshop. But as useful as saw-benches really are, they still have the potential to cause you serious injury; so you need to take extra care when using this powerful machine.

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